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First degree Blackbelt Leopoldo Serao (under Eugenio Tadeu) started coaching in 1995 while going on to be a 5-time Brazilian Luta Livre champ, 5-time state champ, as well as twice being chosen by the media and sport competitors as the best grappler in the 175-185 pound weight category in Brazil.  With over 350 Luta Livre fights to his credit, and a professional mixed martial arts record of 17 wins under his belt  (including a Middleweight Championship belt), Serao has fought in Brazil’s CVI, MECA, Japan’s SHOOTO, the American IFL, the PFC, and the TPF.


In other gyms where students rarely get to train with their professors, Leopoldo uniquely trains with each and every student as much as possible.  This is one of the reasons students come from all over the Bay Area to train at the Serao Academy and also one of the reasons his students show vast improvements in a such a short time, including many of his students already winning and placing in World Championship level Tournaments. This is a result of the curriculum, Leopoldos dedication to each student and the programs found at the Serao Academy.  





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